An important step in Hamza Shahbaz corruption case came out. Frontman of Honor Family was arrested from Lahore Airport this morning. According to details, Mushtaq Chinese is a frontman of Shahbaz family, who was trying to escape Dubai from Lahore airport. According to NAB sources, Mushtaq-e-Chinese’s attempt to escape was unsuccessful. Shahbaz Sharif’s residence was underway at the time of NAB raid at the arrest of Mushtaq china Hamza Shahbaz. Mushtaq Chinese also transmitted Rs 60 crore in Salman Shahbaz’s account. It is clear that before the disclosures of the two employees of the Sharif family increased the difficulties of Hamza Shahbaz.

Hamza Shahbaz Sharif’s arrest was released after the arrest of 2 suspects Qasim Qayyum and Fazl Dad, arrested by NAB. The suspects assisted in making assets more than the Sharif family. Qasim Qaim Money Changer used illegal business, Qasim illegally took into account and transferred, money was transferred to Shahbaz Sharif, Hamza, and Salman Shahbaz’s account. The second accused is the old employee of Fazl Dad Abbasi Sharif Group, the accused was working for Fazl Dad Salman Shahbaz from 2005.

Fazal Dad collected money from different people and brought Qasim Qayoom to Qasim suspicious transactions and transferred the Shahbaz family. The accused used to be sent by their employees’ identification cards, presenting employees as a business person. The court handed over both the suspects to the NAB on 14th physical remand April 5, but now Shahbaz family Frontman Mushtaq Chinese has also been arrested, Mottatq Chinese is likely to face further disclosures.



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