Prime Minister Imran Khan’s special specialist accountant, Shahzad Akbar said that Hussain Nawaz had citizenship with Hasan Visas and Hasan, if Nawaz Sharif would contact the Interpol again in Saudi Arabia, Hussain Nawaz will now have more danger in Saudi Arabia. Talking to a private TV program, Hussain said that there was no British citizenship, but was there on visas. Hassan Nawaz has British citizenship. Therefore, Hassan did not follow the end of red notice, while Hussain Nawaz followed the case for eliminating the Red Notice. If Hussein Nawaz is living in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia does not give red notice but releases red warrants.

Shahzad Akbar said Saudi Arabia could order a citizen of any other country. Shahzad Akbar said that Nawaz Nawaz will now have more danger in Saudi because the agency can again redeem a red warrant issue. He said Interpol was given in the application of the Supervisory Government. Red Notice in the United Kingdom while Red Warts are issued in the rest of the countries. Clearly, Interpol rejected the request of the government to release Hussain Nawaz’s red warrant.

In the 11-page judgment, Interlaw claimed that the Pakistani authorities in connection with the accusation could not accumulate trustworthy evidence, so Hussain Nawaz’s red warrants could not be issued. Remember that Hussain Nawaz was nominated in the case of Panama and accountability court has declared him an advertisement. Remembering the special prime minister, Shahzad Akbar, requested the British government to bring back his brother-in-law, Ishaq Dar, along with sons of former Prime Minister Nawaz Hussein and Haseen Nawaz.


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