People are ready, the government is preparing to get a new fee from them. In order to prevent water shortage of water deposited from Lahore, the government has formed a new strategy, for which a law is being implemented which will apply to domestic consumers as well. In order to prevent water from eradication of water, the government has prepared a water act to license domestic consumers and farmers as well as water usage.

In the proposed bill, citizens and farmers will take authority licenses before the installation of the motor pump and tube well. According to the Water Act draft, citizens will have to have a license before the installation of a new pump for water, if a citizen will take a motor or tube weld obtained without a license, its connection will be disconnected. According to the proposed bill, any citizen will be bound to obtain a license for a motor vehicle to obtain water.

According to the Bill, the water recorder authority will issue the license of the pump to be installed for water. The scope of this ban has also been extended to the villages. The ban on planting tubes without licenses for the farmers across Punjab has been included in the Act. The Department will issue licenses for the purpose of setting up tube valve to the poor farmers. Commission of water policy for water companies will be authorized to issue the license license


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