Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party, has said that seriousness of the dream of acceptance of sanctioned resources, Zulfiqar Bhutto took over the ministry on merit while Hamid Khan’s role in Hamid Karzai’s role in the political struggle is ready to belong march but 18th amendment But I will not let it go. Talking to the media at Gumtot here today, he said that which is a matter of time where the budget is presented three times. The government has presented the third budget. The poor have not been released to the poor in the budget. There is nothing except injustice in the budget. Go to Imran Khan and tell that Zulfiqar Bhutto took over the ministry on merit. While Imran Khan’s political struggle is the role of Hamid Gul.

Shaheed Bhutto separated from Ayub Khan on the rise of his politics. He said that Khan Sahib should have serious dreams. The way the Imran Khan is going to Parliament is harming the country. Instead of the presidential system, a parliamentary system is better. What is the status of the provinces then the provincial system is brought? Bilawal Bhutto said some forces want to end the 18th amendment. I am ready to march long but I will not let it go on the 18th amendment. He said that every promise of Imran Khan came to the people with a lie. There was no progress on the promise of missing persons. The case of missing persons is a human crisis. Victims of missing persons were promised from Akhtarminagal. Urban citizens do not disappear in any decent society.


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