Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Indian authorities are still fighting a war against Pakistan despite the desire of peace. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also threatened to intimidate Pakistan. According to details, addressing the election rally in Ahmedabad city of India, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the opposition is saying that this is an election game, the opposition should tell that when the first surgical strike took place, where the elections were ? Indian prime minister addressing Athbhani Jalil said that it is my promise that we will be killed in the house.

He said that innocent people are being killed by bombings in India, but those who are sitting in politics of vote bank are afraid to take action. Narendra Modi further said that I do not care about politics and chair but I am worried about my country and people. Remember that in the morning of February 27, the aerial planes target a target of 6 targeted in Kashmir-based occupied Kashmir and set targets in their boundaries. Pilates lock the target but not on target, but at the safe distance and open space, the aim of which was to tell that Pakistan has the potential to respond to India ‘s impartiality, but Pakistan does not want to do so Prove it irresponsible.


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