India’s missile attack was confirmed on Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan has revealed that India had a threat to India’s missile attack last night. According to the details, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the arrest of Indian pilot Abhishek Nainan (Friday) as a good sign, Prime Minister said that India would increase two steps and we would take two steps but no positive response Did not come, there will be no incident before elections in India, which will be used in elections, but Pakistan had to meet the pluwana attack, no country does not allow its independence to be challenged. I yesterday tried to call Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi 20 years ago, no Kashmir leader wanted to separate from India, no one today, is the reason why Kashmiri youth is suicide The country’s hero is Tapo Sultan, wants to convey Narendra Modi to anybody, not lasting anymore, India had a threat to missile strikes on India last night, but it threatened to shake India I am going to take this tension forward or else Pakistan will be forced to respond.


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