India’s opposition party Congress objected to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement and asked whether the government to doubts on its mission’s success. Indian prime minister said the opposition to the delay in procurement of Rafael aircraft for the Air Force had declared it the reason for the loss in recent tensions with Pakistan.

The Congress said in his statement that Narendra Modi is facing the shortage of the Rafael aircraft, saying that if the aircraft is with India, results were different, but alleged action against terrorists allegedly in Pakistan. But questions have been raised. Speaking at a press conference in New Delhi, Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari said that what is the meaning of this statement, according to the Indian newspaper ‘The Hindu’, according to the report, the Congress said that neither we would ask for evidence of air action Demanding.

He emphasized that the Prime Minister himself should explain what difference would be the presence of Rafael aircraft, with which he delayed his purchase on canceling the first agreement to purchase Narendra Modi to French-made aircraft. Is responsible for It is clear that while addressing a function, Narendra Modi took opposition parties on creating doubts regarding the attack on the Indian army in Pakistan.


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