Modi suffering from war crimes has become mad, Pakistan has ordered to re-attack, after the Indian Air Force collapsed after Modi’s air strike, Modi gave an open waiver of the Indian army, aerial and Navy to attack Pakistan. According to the details, the Modi government of India is suffering from war crimes and has completely gone crazy after Pakistan’s response.

According to the Indian media, Modi’s presidency was held several hours long for the security of India’s security council. During this period, Modi decided to overwhelm more than a billion population in order to achieve the victory of his election rather than cooling the matters.

Modi has given an open waiver of the Indian Army, aerial and Navy on the attack on Pakistan after the Indian Air Force collapsed. Earlier, India tried to take a break in Pakistan so Pakistan today broke such a mood in the morning that the wisdom of the Indian government came to a place. India, who claimed to have killed surgical extremists, terrorist hideouts and more than 300 terrorists in Pakistan, was forced to run by pressure on the plane of airline aircraft.

Videos and pictures of the two air-conditioned aircraft of the Indian Airlines were also wired on social media, which made the Modi government humble before the opposition and the public. India, who was claiming to conduct aerial action in the dark of the night in Pakistan, could not prove as a proof of its surgical strike against a picture, while Pakistan dropped Indian fighter aircraft on day to day by day showing off India Give it.


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