Pakistan eliminates the visa fee for Saudi citizens. According to details, Federal Information Minister Fuad Chaudhary said that the visa fee for Saudi citizens has ended. Saudi citizens will be issued a visa on Pakistani Airport. Speaking to the media, Fad Chaudhary said that since the time Imran Khan took over the ministry, relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have improved. The Saudi Wali covenant declared itself as the ambassador of Pakistan. Talking to the media in Saudi Arabia, he said, “I am on a visit to Saudi Arabia on the invitation of Saudi culture.” Saudi Arabia has offered cooperation in the cultural fields. He said Saudi Arabia’s deep and close relationship with Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia will exchange Pakistani plays and friends and also have permission to show Pakistani films from Saudi Arabia. We have to pay tribute to Saudi Arabia’s cultural sector, Pakistani culture is 5 years old, artificial artists are extremely strong in Pakistan. We have also offered the Saudi academy for cultural academies and offers artists and teachers in the cultural field.

He said that 20 million Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia have a major role in the Pakistani economy. Introduced an online visa policy to promote tourism. The change in the policy shows that a large number of Saudi citizens will come to Pakistan. Many contacts will reach Saudi citizens, Saudi tourists come to Pakistan in our economy It will be beneficial.


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