Prime Minister Imran Khan announced to be the Indian pilot, he said that the Indian pilot will be tomorrow for peace, and again India will say that we should stop an attack, otherwise we will have to respond to the attack. He said addressing the joint session of the Parliament today, thanked the opposition leaders.

On July 26, I had given a statement regarding Pak-Pak India talks that if Modi stepped forward, I would take two steps. Because the occupation is a region where poverty is the world’s most. China pulled out 70 million people from poverty. China solved all the problems with its neighbors in a great way. China made the world’s best rail system and infrastructure.

Because America was spending money on China and China. Peace is necessary to move the subcontinent. He said that I wrote a letter to Modi that our Foreign Minister should meet the UN International Forum. But the answer was not good. We had elections in India, we thought we could not get a good answer. We thought that after the election conditions would be fine then. Despite opening the Kartarpur rally, India kept a negative attitude. Similarly, it was Pulwama. I do not say that India had its own hands on the attack, but India imposed on Pakistan after half an hour of the blame for the plasma. The days of Plaudama happened during those days of Saudi Arabia’s visit. There was a huge investment in Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said Pakistan wants peace, Pakistan wants peace in the region. Our work is not war, but the work of governments is to work for the welfare of people. He said that the desire of our talks and peace should not be considered weak. Referring to history, he said that the Taliban decided whether we have to be free or to slay the British.


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