US Secretary of State Mike Pompev says Pakistan’s nuclear program is a threat to US security. According to details, Mike Pompev said that Pakistan’s nuclear program is one of the five major threats to the world facing US security. Mic Pompev was surprised by telling the world on one occasion, that President Donald Trump is writing a new world order. In a recent interview, Mike Pompio said that the five major issues facing American security, said that Pakistan’s nuclear program is one of the worst to be in the wrong hands. There is no doubt about the security of Pakistani nuclear assets in all respects.

The Voice of America report states that US Secretary of State Mike Pompio claimed that the action we had taken against Pakistan did not take any government before us. “I take a serious deal of terrorism as I have lost my friends in this fight,” he said. Pakistan has given more sacrifices than any person or country in the war against terrorism, which has been acknowledged by international leaders including US officials.

Mike Pompev said that we have learned a lot from the attacks on September 11 and we have emphasized on taking steps in this regard on Pakistan. It is clear that the current Secretary of State nominated by US President Donald Trumpe, Mike Pompio, was the head of the American CIA before taking responsibility. Before taking a oath of office immediately after his nomination, a secret visit to North Korea, along with Trump and Kim Jong, made a way to meet. This meeting was followed by decades after the heads of the two countries.


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