Pakistan has called for UN intervention to eliminate Indian threats and tensions. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi wrote a letter to the Secretary-General for immediate action, saying that India is blaming Pakistan for a plaque attack without investigation, the attacker was a Kashmiri but the allegations were shifted to Pakistan.

In the letter, it has been said that under the internal objectives of the country, the enemy’s region is being torn into the region, threatening to end Sindh Task Agreement will be a serious mistake. It is clear that Pakistan and India relations are tense after the Plaudama attack. Shah Mehmood Qureshi asked the United Nations to intervene for the end of the United Nations Coalition attack, saying that this letter should be delivered to members of the Council of Ministers.

In the letter, it was said that India has been blamed for the attack against India without investigation, the United Nations’s immediate intervention is necessary to end the tension. According to India, the attack was abusive, but the allegations were against Pakistan. According to the letter, India threatened to end the Sindh Task Treaty which would be a serious mistake when India is straining the region’s environment from its internal objectives under its internal objectives.


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