The main leader of the religious party has been arrested in the case of the murder of Professor at the hands of the student in Bahawalpur. According to details, the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan National Assembly candidate was arrested in connection with the murder of Professor Khalid Hamid in Government College. The murderer Khwaja Hussain’s candidate was contacted by National Assembly constituency NA 187, Zafar Gilani. Khattab Hussein’s last call was also done by Zafar Gilani. The police arrested Zafar Gilani and recovered a 15-day physical remand from the anti-terrorism court. Sources told that the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan leader embarked on the assassination and allowed the student to assassinate the professor by fate.

In connection with the investigation of Prof. Khalid Hamid, 5 people have been arrested from different cities including Kirorod Pak, Rahim Yar Khan, DG Khan. Investigations are being carried out on Organizational Crime Cell. According to police sources, investigators were trapped through social media links. Remember that on March 20, Khalid Hussain, a student of Government College of Bahawalpur, killed the teacher due to religious views. SEE College student Ghotib Ali killed the teacher of English teacher Khalid Hamid in Kolkata by knives. Ghotib Hussain was arrested after the incident. Killing the police, the murderer said that I am satisfied and I do not have any regret on my own.


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