Commenting on Saudi Arabia’s visit to Muhammad bin Salman, leading analyst Mujibur Rehman Sami said that the Saudi vowel on this visit expressed unusual happiness. And Mohammad bin Salman looks very happy in the mood and this impression It is very important but still you just understand that now only the ring is worn now and it will be arrogant.

Because now only MQM has signed it. It has to be seen that whenever it deals in contracts and when it starts working on them. Muzzyur Rehman Sami further said that Pakistan’s history is very good in this regard. In the past Several MoOs were signed but the colors could be filled in, so we pray that the colors can be filled in these agreements. Because in Saudi Arabia, it has also said that it is now the beginning that will be further investment in Pakistan.

Clearly, two bilateral agreements between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were signed and to promote cooperation in various fields and MoUs signed. According to media reports, billions of dollars of an investment agreement between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have signed. These fields include energy, electricity, health, sports, tourism, and other fields including agriculture. It has been said that Saudi Arabia will set a $ 10 billion oil refinery in Gwadar.


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