The government refused to pay electricity on the demand of IMF. Media reports have said that the second round of talks between the IMF and Pakistani officials through the video conference last day. Pakistan stressed that he does not feel the need to immediately increase power tariffs and to tighten financial policy. The government also opposed the increase in rate interest, which has already been 10.25, while on the other hand, the IMF says that the current increase in electricity rates and taxes is unnecessary to reduce the economic imbalance. This situation There is no possibility of any agreement between Pakistan and IMF till May.

2 of the IMF’s 4 major demands have been agreed. Pakistan is now waiting for the response to the IMF. IMF has agreed to the Pakistani standpoint on the determination of rupee value. It has also been agreed that Pakistan’s policy to control the value of rupees will continue. Pakistan has accepted the demand for IMF to increase power tariffs.


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