In Lahore, the movement brought the movement started on social media to bring justice to the domestic worker Azimi who was killed after the violence. According to details, the Federal Minister for Human Rights Sheran Mazari took notice of a painful deal with a domestic employee and killing him from brutality. In the ongoing movement on social media, it was demanded that the supreme government was responsible for the supreme murder case because the father of the supreme father is a minor security guard and it is possible that it is possible to threaten or pressure him to get the case back.

Farooq Minister for Human Rights Sheran Mazari has called for details of this matter. He says that the National Commission will take the notice of Human Rights and follow the case and look at what matters are going on. Remember that the tremendous imports of blind men of a 16-year-old domestic employee have shaken everyone. Three women present in the house at which Majmaomi used to work for the first time of violence, after which killing and killing the body by killing him.

Majesty’s conviction was just that he had taken the title of his mistress’s daughter, on whom mistress angered Azimi. Heavy power was multiplied with a heavy object. After being injured, Azmi was not taken to the hospital, but three women in the house were trying to fix it by giving electric shock and resulting in ultimate death was supreme. The supreme body was thrown into a sack and was thrown into the drainage. A video of supremacy was also wrecked on social media, which was said to be a day before the prime minister’s death. In this video, 16-year-old Azimi is appearing like an old woman after violence. He was working for 8 months in the premises mentioned a house.

A police team headed by Iqbal Town Sub Inspector Murad Rasool and Charged Investigation Gulshan Iqbal Sub Inspector Sagir Ahmed trapped the suspects by placing CCTV cameras and a mobile phone CDR and 3 brigade suspects died Rukh, Imam and Awani Bb arrested. During the investigation, the 16-year-old baby girl was working for the past eight months. The one whom he has suffered as abusive violence due to his hand in his baby’s food and he died on the spot while not being injured. After that, he left a false call on Emergency 15 to avoid all the situation.

That our employer has escaped from stolen goods and threw the deadly supermarket into a waggy car and threw it into a dirty sapphire in an auctioned block.

Two-day physical remand was obtained from Lyman in the court, after which the three accused were presented by the police in the court on January 25. Judge Ashfaq Ahmed ordered the remand, Imama, and Rehana to send jail for 14 days on judicial remand. According to police, the suspects tortured the domestic worker, whose death occurred. When news of the great death of Azmi was viral, a movement began to bring justice to the masses on social media, in which social media users demanded brutally accused women to be punished.


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