Supreme Court of Pakistan listened to the decision of Faizabad DNA case, Supreme Court’s judge, Justice Qazi Hussain Faizi, heard the verdict of Faizabad’s case. Justice Qazi Faiz Isa, who made the verdict of Qayyum’s 3 decree, decided. Justice Qazi Faizal has remarked that it is not easy to hear the decision-making case, so detailed decision will be uploaded to the Supreme Court website. The decision was written by Justice Qazi Fiaz Isa, which is 43 pages.

The decision has directed the federal and provincial governments to monitor the hatred, extremism and terrorism spread. The decision has said that every political party should be sources of funding, the Election Commission has confirmed the certified TLP. Do not tell money off funds. According to the written decision, it is prohibited that the political party is not to propagate the constitutional interest of the political party under the registered body of Tehreek-e-Pakistan Pakistan Tehreek-e-Jehoi, political parties, and political parties can not be involved in terrorism, and can not spread sectarian, religious and private profits while writing. Political parties can not even name a war group.


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