In the Asghar Khan case, the Supreme Court summoned an FIA report saying ‘The court ordered that the bank accounts were running, the report should be told who has to get the record. According to details, the two benchmarks bench headed by Justice Azmat Saeedishkh in the Supreme Court hearing the Asghar Khan case, the court asked the FIA report and said, “Who should indicate the bank accounts, indicate who is not a guardian, Find out the evidence or suspicious about the money launderers.

Justice Azmat Saeed said that the report should be submitted to the JCC in the report, including the refusal to refuse to withdraw money. Justice Azmat Saeed quoted the report as saying that you submitted it, the representative of the Ministry of Defense “We submitted a March 16 court, Justice Azmat Saeed said that the report should not be submitted again. Justice Azmat Saeed said, “I guess I will run the copies of the money, the way the FIA wants to go back, will not be printed,” said Justice Azmat Saeed. Salman Akram said that some people should be able to control their role. . The court had said that phase wise will be canceled and there is no judicial notice where the hearing of the case was delayed till April 22.

Remember, Justice Gulzar presented important remarks in Asghar Khan case on 11th February, saying that it is known that the FIA should be handed over, this matter is a case of public money, Attorney General, why is the investigation done instead of court-martial? Earlier, the FIA asked for help from the Supreme Court in Asghar Khan case, the FIA reported in the report that the politicians were not allowed to investigate the distribution of funds and the names of depositing officers were not displayed. No one accepted the distribution of money while officials were not informed about the distribution of funds.


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