Uber, a provider of online travel services operating in various continents across the world, is ready to buy its Middle East competitors at $ 3 billion 10 million. Buffalo Institute, Bloomberg and other two have confirmed The report said it is likely that the agreement should be announced on Tuesday. Bloomberg, referring to the information about this issue, said that Ober will pay billions of US $ 40 billion, while the remaining one billion US $ 70 million will pay cream in case of good shares. It has happened when Uber is preparing to sell shares to the public, which is likely to be expected next month, and in a careful manner, the traveler’s transportation company can reach $ 100 billion.

On the other hand, there was no comment on cream on this matter, while O’ber did not immediately respond to it. It is believed that the creams behind Saudi Arabia, Al-Qaeda bin Talal’s investment company and Japan’s e-commerce The company is Rockets, in 2016 he spent $ 1 billion in the funding phase and made it one of the fast-growing technology startups in the Middle East. It is clear that there are more than 10 million drivers and 3 million users in the 90 cities of Qatar, while Dubai Technologies is a global logistics and transportation company belonging to the US. This company is looking for more opportunities for its development. Because he has to face a tough business deal with his competitors.


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