The national fast bowler Usman Shinwari, who played an important role in securing South Africa by just 4 wickets in the five-day Punk Day match, played in Westerberg, performed his performance for cancer patients. He said the first and second spell Due to the double bounce in the Wenders’ Stadium’s pitch, the line and length felt difficult to control, but the ball in their third spell was out of which due to Reverse Swing, it was successful to get wickets. After Dale Stein and Kigus Ramba after hit the ball with Beveran Hendricks on the hit truck ball, he appealed to Haiti, “Nevertheless, nothing will happen next week.”

“There is not only South Africa but also a big day for us,” says Usman Shinwari, whose performance is called cancer patients. Remember that Usman Shivari took 4 runs in 7 overs in the fourth over in 35 overs. Having been the annual punk-day match in Johannesburg, wearing hacked cutters in pink hook for collecting funds for the past 6 years Let’s get into the field


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