The girls kidnapped allegedly from Dharaki in Sindh area told the media that they had accepted Islam with their own custom and got married and no force was forced to force them. Girls said that no one was threatened with them and they came from their own home with their own desire. Remember that the daughters of the girls said that her daughters are not adults and have been forced to take them away from home and have been admitted to Islam, but now Hindus who leave Islam and don’t accept Islam have provided security to the government. The referendum is referring to Islamabad.

Islamabad High Court has ordered two non-Muslim girls to take government custody. After that, nine non-Muslim girls have been handed over to the Deputy Commissioner. Justice Athar Manullah, during the hearing, said the federal government to the next hearing and Islamabad administration will be the protector of girls. The report was made by Prime Minister Imran Khan too.


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