Punjab Chief Minister Punjab says that a person who is murdered by CTD in Saha Sahiwal will prove to be a smart terrorist. According to details, the Senate’s Functional Committee for Human Rights was held on the same day. In the meeting, the Home Department Punjab gave a briefing on Sahiwal to the Sahiwal and JIT report was presented which the participants declared as unsatisfactory.

According to the report of JIT’s ineligible, the participants of the meeting demanded the end of JIT and form a judicial committee to investigate the Sahih Sahiwal. Additional Home Secretary Fazail Asghar kept the JIT report in front of the committee, saying that the report has not yet been completed, but it is clear that Khalil and his family were innocent.

He said that a terrorist will prove to be, the operation of the operation will be misconduct, while the action against the accused will be proposed. He said that one thing has been proved that there were links with the terrorists of the people of the country. He acknowledged that the process of action was not correct. The committee dismissed the claim of the presence of suicide jackets in the car, saying that there was an increase in the traffic flow, the firing would have been a threat to the presence of a suicide jacket and never fired four feet.

In this context, Senator Usman Kakar also demanded the establishment of a parliamentary commission on all the operations carried out till the CD and said that the probe and actions of the CD should be investigated by establishing parliamentary commissioners. The incident, along with the victims of Sahiwal’s affected family, has also expressed confidence in the JIT, which was formed on the Saha Sahiwal, the Senate Standing Committee for Interior.


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