After the resignation of Asad Umar’s treasury, despite the government’s appointment of Hafiz Sheikh, the government’s problem could not end. According to the details, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) became a challenge to make a public-friendly budget forty days. While the public and businessmen have made their expectations with new changes.
On the other hand, after the resignation of PTI, Asad Umar appointed Hafeez Sheikh as Advisor’s Finance, then the Government’s decision and businessmen were also happy on this government’s decision. Traders and industrialists say we hope Hafeez will make Sheikh Bazar traders and public friendly budget. He says that during the eight months of Asad Umar neither the exports nor the business community got any relief, and the increase in inflation increased, which could remove the masses of the masses.

It is clear that after the resignation of Asad Umar’s finance minister, Prime Minister Imran Khan appointed Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh to the Finance Minister for Finance and it was said that this position of Abdul Hafeez would be equal to the position of Federal Minister. Two days ago, Federal Advisor Finance Hafeez Sheikh had received the confidence of the IMF from the first day. Hafeez Sheikh was also working for silence for the last one month, with the IMF team in the United States, visiting former Minister of State Asad Umar.
When former ex-minister Asad Umar visited the United States, he did not control any of his things, IMF had refused to meet Asad Umar. Asad Omar did not complete any media briefing by returning his visit and returned home. After which it was now thought that IMF has also been involved in sending home Asad Umar. On the other hand, Advisor Finance Dr. Hafeez should start contact with global financial institutions without delaying a charge immediately after taking the charge so that the country’s economic problems can be solved, but despite all this, it is a challenge to make a public budget.


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