During the American University Sports Doctor, sexually harassed more than 500 students in two decades and abused 177 children. According to the International News Agency, according to the International News Agency, American students in the US state of Ohio, Investigation of incidents of abusive was conducted by a private lively forum, the investigation was started after complaints of former students.
The report has been revealed in the investigative team’s report that during the 1978-1998 period, 177 students were sexually abused during the period, Doctor Richard Strauss, sports director of Ohio State University, was also employed on the health inspection of the students. In 1979, the doctor’s case of abducting children was brought before the university administration but no action was taken, for the first time in 1996, Strauss was dismissed from the job as a Faculty member. Your retirement was connected to the University until 1998.

Richard Strauss had committed suicide in 2005 after he was investigating the investigation, but his family, while offering relief to the victims, offered assistance to all the investigators. Former students of 520 presented their complaints in which 177 confirmed to be directly involved in abusive sexual abuse. Many students who were abducted at the University of Houston were athletes, and most of them also earned names in racing. University administration has expressed regret over heartbreaking events, apologizing to all former students and their parents.


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