LAHORE: The Supreme Court stopped Ali Zafar and Mishra Shafi’s supporters from the sexual harassment case to file unnecessary requests.

The two benchmarks bench, headed by Justice Mushir Alam, were allowed to summon the statements and statements of the court on 9 witnesses simultaneously in the Supreme Court’s request for the testimony of the witnesses.

The Masha’s lawyer did not appear to be witnesses on which 10,000 were criminal, lawyer Zafar

During the hearing, Justice Fiaz Isa said that the trial court should complete the trial skin without giving unnecessary obligation, while the trial should be completed in a fixed time according to the decision of the High Court.

On this occasion, Misha Shafi’s lawyer pleaded to the court that if the next hearing could not prepare for the hearing, it should be given a week’s time, which the court passed.

During the hearing, Justice Fiaz Isa ordered the counsel of Mishra Shafi to prepare for the witnesses on completion of 7 days when Ali Zafar’s lawyer has ordered to submit testimonies for witnesses in 7 days.

The court questioned Ali Zafar lawyer Sabin Hashemi that Ali Zafar’s main motive has been asked on Shafi’s request.

Ali Zafar’s lawyer answered that according to the law the statement and witness of the same day occur only when the lawyer of the Mshafa Shafi said that the testimony of witnesses will be done in one day.

Sexual harassment case: The head of the Masha Shafi lawyer in the Supreme Court

On the arguments of both lawyers, the court ruled that after preparing to try to complete the testimony on the same day.

Mishra Shafi’s lawyer said that all the witnesses of Ali Zafar do not know because witnesses are Ali Zafar’s employees, on which Ali Zafar’s lawyer Sabin Hashimi responded that no one is employed by Ali Zafar.

Justice Fiaz Isa explained that both the lawyers and the judges are just the court to be present.

Later the court ordered Misha Shafi and Ali Zafar to stop filing unnecessary applications.


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