In a press statement, the Ministry of Interior issued a statement, saying that four Yemeni people who killed a Pakistani employee during the crime of robbery were given the names of Ali Salim Ibrahim Yahya, Abdul Basit Abdul Asad Khorasan, Yahya Isa Masood Bakhtiari, and Yasin Mohammad Ali. According to details, the deceased Pakistani Rahim Taj Ghulam was deployed in the headquarters of a company, responsible for monitoring the company’s cables and other equipment. On the night of the night, Eminem came and killed. Meanwhile, the Pakistani employee was killed and killed him, and all the goods seized by him were shifted.

Later the police arrested the accused and arrested them. And then, on the other hand, the person was murdered and raped by the local court. Due to evidence, the court heard all four executions of death. The judges said in their verdict that the perpetrators committed a crime against killing and killing them because they were sentenced to death. The perpetrator filed a petition against the verdict before the High Court and then the Supreme Court, but his appeal was rejected, which was later confirmed by the Royal House for his death sentence. Four Yemenis were executed in Mecca Mermaid


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